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Ebele Okeke speaks on how African Private Equity & Credit Funds are responding to COVID-19

On 6th May 2020, Ebele Okeke Managing Partner, Altica Partners spoke on a webinar hosted by Africonomie to discuss COVID-19 and how investors in the private equity and credit space are responding to the pandemic. Key aspects of the discussion included the impact of existing portfolio investments, deal pipeline, exits, fund-raising and returns.


The success of most private equity and alternative credit strategies depends on active value creative. And in the Africa private markets realising the full potential of portfolio companies is a dynamic process that continues throughout the lifetime of an investment. If done properly, this creates a lasting positive impact. However, value-creation teams across the world are grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications for their portfolio companies. This digital dialogue will examine what Africa private capital (equity, credit & venture) investors are doing to succeed despite these unprecedented headwinds. The discussion will include —

  • Immediate human impact, their employees and portfolio companies

  • Business continuity, addressing disruptions in the supply chain, revenue declines and temporary business closures

  • Potential impact on women and girls, and positioning women-led business for recovery

  • Managing downturn scenarios for their investments - assess cash availability, credit lines and managing liquidity

  • Ensuring that portfolio companies are positioned to benefit from a recovery

  • Financing considerations, asset and portfolio management plans

  • Managing the flow of information between LPs, GPs, portfolio companies, regulators and other stakeholders

Click here to access the live recording of the first and second sessions of the dialogue. Please contact your Altica Partners or Africonomie representative for access.

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