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More than injecting capital

The impact of our activities in improving the lives of Africans is central to everything we do. 

By 2034, Africa will have a working population of 1.1 billion people; larger than that of China or India. This presents a one time opportunity to benefit from a demographic dividend as populations in developed markets age. At the same time, a young and rapidly growing population will present critical risks and challenges. We are passionate about playing our part in diversifying African economies to meet the social, environmental and governance challenges of the coming decades.

What we care about | How we tackle it


Creating Jobs

A critical risk of a growing population is that African economies will fail to create meaningful employment opportunities for young people. Sub Saharan Africa has seen tragic migration crises in recent years, with young Africans making perilous journeys in search of work. Altica will focus on sectors that provide quality jobs.


Agribusiness & Healthcare

Africa’s economies will remain stagnant if its population is in poor health or malnourished. It is estimated that HIV and AIDS have already reduced national economic growth by between 2-4% across Africa.  We are committed to ensuring that investments in healthcare and agribusiness are a key part of our investment portfolio.



Our portfolios will favour sectors where each dollar of investment has a significant multiplier effect in the surrounding community. For example, we are committed to education sector investment where research shows that educating girls has a multiplier effect across communities and generations.


Our Philosophy

Sustainable development is core to delivering on our objectives. Underpinning our corporate philosophy and growth path is an appreciation that growth drivers cannot be achieved effectively without a committed focus on sustainable development. This framework is a key factor in our investment decision-making process as well as the ongoing management of our investments.  Adherence to a tailored  Social & Environmental Management System (SEMS) is a critical factor for investing and partner companies will be required to provide regular and accurate reporting on their compliance.

ESG in Practice.jpg

Principles and Commitments

We are active investors and ESG considerations filter into our Private Credit deal origination, screening and due diligence processes.  Once an investment has been made, Altica will look to apply specific principles to a partner company's operational activities and continue to monitor compliance throughout the life of the investment.

ESG Systems: Continuous Monitoring

Altica Partners is committed to a sound environmental and social policy framework.  This commitment is central to SEMS, which will provide the framework for social and environmental management. In fulfilling this commitment, we are develop, implement and look to continuously improve our management framework. This provides our partner companies with the policies, governance structures and reporting systems to manage the risks and opportunities that sustainable development presents.

Our Advisory Board receive regular reports on the SEMS implementation and compliance by Altica Partners as well as its partner companies. 

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